About Us

We, the insurance bot are a top rated and award winning online insurance portal. We are licensed service providers and thus we hold the trust of our millions of clients. We thrive with the aim of being a premier online company for all kinds of insurances.

Our website lets you quote your insurances instantly and we also provide online coverage calculator. Apart from our website, you can also avail our services by downloading our app from the app store. Using our application is a more convenient option as you will be able to get all important notifications in your phone.

We understand the importance of your precious things and loved ones in your life thus we make sure that our every client gets satisfied with our services. Since these insurances are a great help in case of any adverse circumstances thus we make sure that closing procedure should be quick and hassle free.

Our Services

Insurance Bot, an online insurance portal will serve you with all kinds of insurances like life insurance, vehicle insurance, property insurance, business insurance and we also provide our insurance services for various antique and precious things. We provide the best services by our website and the biggest benefit is that you don’t have to step out of the house and everything will be done online. For inspection and analysis of the land, car or whatever you want to get insured, we will send our officials and thus you will be saving your extra effort and time which you would have to invest in any regular insurance company.  

Matters of insurance need proper knowledge and many brokers fool you with wrong information. Thus, we provide 24X7assistance on our toll-free number. You can call on it anytime when you need any help and talk to our professionals. You can also reach these on-call professionals when you need any help in selecting your insurance plans, calculating coverage and other important things.